Advertising Opportunities

Don’t miss your opportunity to stand out from the crowd
Bubbl is a brand new shuttle service driven by off-duty officers that kids and parents can use. It’s safe and reliable.

The bubbl team is wrapping each car (Mazda 5s) with advertising from one local company. Each company will have exclusivity on the vehicle: ONE realtor, ONE bank, etc. We will only partner with local community businesses.

Why Bubbl Wrap?

The vehicle’s unique design and the possibilities for a custom exterior advertising packs a visual punch.
Millions of Eyes-On and impressions at a low CPM.
Cars operate on variable routes maximizing exposure to highly trafficked areas.
Take advantage of the standard space, or let your imagination run wild! The bubbl team can handle all of the production, install, removal.
Present your brand in a unique way for mass appeal to a diverse audience – locals and visitors.
Utilize vehicles as part of an integrated marketing campaign.
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