About Us

Bubbl is the most unique and revolutionary model since the creation of the modern shuttle service program.

Bubbl has been established as a safe and reliable shuttle service for people who go to school, live, play, work and socialize in the Dallas areas of Highland Park, University Park, UpTown and Preston Hollow.

Bubbl Investments, LLC is owned and operated by a group of Dallas-based individuals, including the former Dallas Deputy Chief of Police. Our rides are driven by off-duty police officers who have been thoroughly vetted through the criminal history process; are eligible to carry weapons and will drive 2015 or newer model vehicles owned by Team Bubbl. By blending the ease of technology with the best in transportation, you can rest assured knowing that your children and family members are going to be completely safe when they are wrapped in the bubbl.
Bubbl is a transportation model that is founded on five areas:

Bubbl Rides

Bubbl Kids

Flat Rate

Bubbl Premium

Bubbl Dash

Trust That You Are in Safe Hands

Our drivers are off-duty/retired police officers only; licensed state peace officers – use-of-force trained, courageous, courteous and honorable. They protect and serve and, above else, they value family. Who better to trust to transport a man, woman or child in today’s society!

Wrap Yourself in a Bubbl

Imagine: Cool cars offering safe and reliable rides operated by an off-duty police officer and managed by a well-known retired community police deputy chief. That’s the reality of bubbl.

Remove the stress of parking; remove the fear of unknown drivers. Just book a bubbl and minutes later you arrive at your destination. It’s fun, it’s reliable and, more importantly, it’s safe. Pop on, Pop off – simple! Just how life should be.

Bubbl Wrap Your Kids

Keep your kids in a bubbl and transport them to and from camp, sporting events, playdates or wherever they need to be – on time, and reliably. Simply use your bubbl app to set up your children’s rides. Include any special location information, sign-out procedures, pick-up lines and parking challenges. Just book a bubbl and minutes later your kids will arrive at their destination. Rides are great value each way and, the more you book, the more cost-effective the rides!